Our Mission

At GoLightly Athletics, we are fully committed to blessing children who have a fervent passion for the sport. With our devoted gifts and time, we are assured of providing them with the groundwork they need to unlock their latent abilities and exceed their maximum potential. 

Our foundations and discipline prompted greatness and success. We specialize in aiding those who’d rather train on their own than play with peers. Youth who desire to play on the grandest stage
“Intense Journey, Priceless Results. Heed.”

June Training Sessions ARE NOT 3v3 associated.


The skills and discipline taught at GO FC soccer academy have not only improved Enman's soccer skills in the game but has helped him develop a way to deal with correction by other teachers in many different settings. He has improved in school, has the desire to learn and his focus on several different subjects has improved. We are grateful for the opportunity to have this program in our community.

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Since our son has started training with the GoLightlys, his skill, athleticism, and understanding of the game have greatly improved. I have watched my son grow in confidence in his abilities. The GoLightlys bring a family atmosphere to coaching so that no child is left out.

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We have loved training with the Golightly family since day 1! They have not only helped improve my son's skills, but they have given my son more confidence in himself with his moves and his decision-making on the field. His technical skills and mental toughness have greatly improved, and he looks forward to training each and every time!

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