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-Established, June 2012GoLightly

Too much structure can stifle creativity.  We wanted to develop a style of play that is free flowing and unique in style as well as method.  We travel from state to state to play the best competition possible, it is imperative to see the best in the Nation, and soon the World.  We love  the sport, we even call it Futbol. 

We know this is an expensive sport and that we have to travel many miles at times to play in tough tournaments, but we will not let the money or the distance stop us.  We are praying and believing that we will soon have a facility here in our county.  We are looking for youth of all ages with all sports backgrounds, every athlete has a unique gift and this is the sport to bring it out in!

Try-outs Soon!








“Faith finishes the race, and doubt will kick you out”

– DeWayne C. Golightly JR.


About GoProAthletics

We started at the YMCA then played in Nortonville but we wanted something more competitive, we went to play for PVS (Pennyrile Valley Strikers) and then Puma FC all of which prepared us and kept us wanting more.  Through out it all Dewayne C. Golightly, (our dad), had been our personal futbol trainer and taught us what we needed to know.

From the beginning we knew we wanted to play Select Soccer with our own team. However, doing it was the next BIG step.  If you are a parent or kid that loves soccer and you are reading this and wants a competitive coach and team that really cares…contact us.

We wanted to give other children who were like us, something to look forward to.  We take competitiveness seriously and work hard to improve.

Serving Our Soccer Community Since 2019

 We wanted to give other children who were like us something to look forward to.   A place where you can vent your emotions in a physical way but supervised, during our pick-up-games.  These games are open to EVERYONE.  Our hope is to bring our community together one game at a time .

Our Club Is Our Family

Treat others how you want to be treated is something that is often said in our house. To the families inside and outside of Futbol that is how we do. A teamate need a ride to practice or a game?  You don’t even have to ask just give us the word.  We have each others back!

Guest players

If you would like to have us as Guest players please contact us at (956) 261-3988

Pick up games 

Every Sunday, At 5Pm, at the YMCA

Personal Training

Children of all ages are welcome to get personal training, by Zamar and Dewayne Jr., by calling (956) 261-3988