beat’s,that you can turn into your very own song


Here Are SOme songs that we have created


 From Kentucky

Using the gifts that God has given

Working hard day and Night 24/7 

Blessed with equipment

Beat or soundtrack?

I am an Aries, I am all about pioneering music.  I have learned how to keep it relevant (so that it is loved even while I live lol) and still ground breaking.  I have the sound to gather listners.


Need a writer ?

So you are an amazing vocalist, but writing is just sooo not your thing?  Well, whether you sing or rap, we have notbooks full of lyrics and we can match you up with something to fit your style.  So what cha like??


Need vocals on a track?

Our Dad makes us sing ALL THE TIME.  Trust me…  we got you covered.  Plus plenty of connections if you are looking for a particular vocal tone.  What do you need?


Hearing is believing.  

I could tell you my story–but I would rather put it to music, make you feel it.

So you’re ready to record?

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