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About Me.

I am 16yr Futbol Star, Beat Maker, Website Builder, Competitive Gamer,Video Editor, Singer, and Amature Music Producer; Thanks to The Most High I been blessed to have an Amazing Teacher “DeWayne C. Golightly” (My Father), and have been working towards my future goals from a young age. I have also been blessed with the right people/equipment to be successful in life. My main goal is to spread The Most High’s Work, and to help my family become wealthy in doing so.

I Train Those who like skill moves

Video Maker/Editor/Creator

Need a Gaming, Commercial, or even just a College Scout Video done? I Can make whatever you need look  Professional! Or if u need a website done, just give me a call.

Futbol Star

Need a Futbol Player capable of handling D1 ball? Well your in luck, I can play every and any position the team needs me most, and keep the same level of play every game! I am one of the greatest guest players in the Nation.


Need a beat for a track? I got a few..[why aren’t there any to show for?] well I am actually in the middle of transferring them onto the website, but if you would like to hear some hot beats, yk how to contact me!


(270) ***-****

I Hope you Found what you were looking for, and as always STAY BLESSED!